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Q: I am at University, but my boyfriend isn't - can we still rent one of your properties?
A: No problem, we have a large number of properties to suit you and can advise with regards to council tax liability and discounts available.

Q: Do you rent 'rooms' only?
A: Sorry but No. All our properties are let as a 'whole'. Although we can, if you so wish, pass your details onto any of our current Tenants who are looking for someone to share.

Q: Can I have a double bed?
A: Yes - you can choose from a single or double bed or even if you wish a ¾ sized bed.

Q: I have noticed you offer extra furniture if required - how much does this cost?
A: Any extra furniture you require is provided free of charge, if available.

Q: If I accidentally break an item of furniture - how much will you charge me?
A: We have a warehouse full of furniture so if you accidentally break something like a chair or wardrobe, don't worry, we will replace it quickly with no charge.

Q: In my last house I shared with 5 others - we only had an old small fridge/freezer which the Landlord wouldn't replace for a bigger one.
A: This has never been a problem, although if you want you could have two.

Q: In our last property the cooker broke and the Landlord never repaired it although we asked many times - how do you deal with a problem like this?
A: We keep a number of spare cookers, fridge freezers and washing machines so if yours breaks we would normally replace it within 24 hours to ensure the minimum amount of disruption to you. Our record for replacement is 20 minutes!!

Q: I am worried about our daughter moving into her first house - would you mind if I contacted you about any concerns?
A: We realise and appreciate that in some cases this is the first time some students have been away from home and we are always on hand to offer help and advice to both students and their parents regarding any issue.

Q: Do you come and look around the property when we are not there without telling us??
A: We always give notice to Tenants if we are to visit the property. Unless it is an emergency e.g. water/gas leaks etc. and we are unable to contact you.

Q: Is it possible to rent a property from you for more than one academic year?
A: We give the current Tenants first opportunity to stay before we advertise the property for the next academic year.

Q: I am looking for a property for myself and girlfriend which isn't a typical student house - do you have any?
A: We have a number of properties that would be suitable for you.

Q: Do your properties have spacious, separate lounges with sofas and comfy chairs? The house we rented last year had a kitchen in the lounge so it was very squashed with room only for two small chairs and some folding chairs. We couldn't socialise in the house at all and there were 5 of us!
A: All our properties have spacious, separate lounges with 'proper' sofas and comfy chairs provided to your requirements and you can definitely socialise in our houses.

Q:Do you provide dining tables and chairs?
A: All properties are provided with dining table and chairs to accommodate the number of tenants in the house. Any extra furniture is available upon request.

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